[Sca-cooks] poached eggs

Robert Dunn robert.arthur.dunn at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 03:14:04 PST 2010

I tried that whirlpool technique.  Meh.  I usually leave the heat on (med)
beneath the pot, drop each egg in and 30secs later use a spoon to roll them
over gently.  seems to wrk better for me.
The continual heat from the bottom cooks the bottom of the egg faster, and
then when you roll them, everything settles with gravity again and ... wait
... FANATIC@!??!!!  Why you!

 Yes, an acid pH to the cooking water can help the proteins coagulate
> faster, as in a second or two faster, before there's time for the whites to
> flow around in whatever currents there are in the cooking liquid.
> Real fanatics will poach in a deep pot of simmering acidulated water which
> they have stirred into a "whirlpool" effect immediately before adding the
> egg... sometimes you can get a nearly spherical poached egg that way. As I
> recall, Julia Child was a fan of that technique.
> Adamantius
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