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Ours was this past Saturday.  I made Fried Mush, which was a big hit.  
I had a box of multi-grain cereal meal that I had bought because it was
wheat-free, only to find that it wasn't gluten-free as it contained barley.
I was making a pot of turkey stock with the carcass from a big dinner the
day before, so fresh turkey stock, one box of wheat-free mulit-grain cereal
mix, and some salt, then cooked long enough to soften all the various grains
and poured into a cookie sheet and left to chill overnight.  In the morning
I cut it into triangles and fried each one on my iron griddle.  I finished
them off with some sea salt and a sprinkling of fresh green coriander
(cilantro leaves).  They made a lovely large stack of GBD triangles, and
since one of the main dish offerings was a stew, they went beautifully with
I tried to find the entry in Apicius that I thought I remembered that was
basically fried polenta, but I couldn't find it, so they went entirely
undocumented.  Ah well, didn't stop people from clearing the platter of
Managed to score one of Serena's garden bounty jellies - I came home with a
pale green jar of Lime, Cilantro and Ginger Jelly.  I can't wait to try it!

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Various 12th Nights are being held in the coming two weeks.

So what people planning or being served this year?

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