[Sca-cooks] fried mush/polenta

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Thu Jan 7 04:31:02 PST 2010

Polenta is boiled grain meal.  Grits are boiled corn meal.  Grits are a 
subset of polenta.

The Apician recipe is made with wheat flour, but the more common grain for 
polenta was barley.  These days the common grain for polenta is maize.

My Mother preferred to go straight to cornmeal mush chilled in a loaf pan to 
get nicely shaped slices rather than the intermediate state of grits.


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Maybe I'm losing my mind, but this sounds suspiciously like the fried grits
my mom used to make...she'd take leftover grits, spread them out in a
pan/baking dish and chill them.  Then she'd cut them into squares and fry
them.  We'd eat them with butter and syrup or preserves/jam/jelly.  They
were very yummy!  Yes, I know...the Apician dish was made with wheat rather
than corn...but it sounds very similar!


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