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Maybe I'm losing my mind, but this sounds suspiciously like the fried grits
my mom used to make...she'd take leftover grits, spread them out in a
pan/baking dish and chill them.  Then she'd cut them into squares and fry
them.  We'd eat them with butter and syrup or preserves/jam/jelly.  They
were very yummy!  Yes, I know...the Apician dish was made with wheat rather
than corn...but it sounds very similar!


On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 6:56 PM, Stefan li Rous
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> Fried Creamed Wheat
> (Apicius 301, as taken from Giacosa, A Taste of Ancient Rome)
> Aliter dulcia:  Accipies similam, coques in aqua calida ita ut durissimam
> pultem facias, deinde in patellam expandis.  Cum refrixerit, concidis quasi
> dulcia et frigis in oleo optimo.  Levas, perfundis mel, piper aspergis et
> inferes.  Melius feceris, si lac pro aqua miseris.
> Another sweet dish:  Take flour, cook in hot water so that it becomes a
> very
> firm polenta, then spread it on a plate.  When it has cooled, cut it as for
> sweet cakes and fry in oil of the finest quality.  Remove, pour honey over,
> sprinkle with pepper and serve.  You will do even better if you use milk
> instead of [water].  [corrected 12/05 – Stefan]
> Bear
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> There are several other messages in there about fried polenta, but the only
> other recipe has eggs and cheese added to the grain. I do wonder if that is
> supposed to be "grain" instead of "flour" but I don't read Latin.
> Stefan
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