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I made Fried Mush, which was a big hit.  <snip>

I tried to find the entry in Apicius that I thought I remembered that  
basically fried polenta, but I couldn't find it, so they went entirely
undocumented.  Ah well, didn't stop people from clearing the platter of


Although this Apicius recipe sounds much simpler or at least plainer,  
is this it?

 From the Florilegium polenta-msg file:

Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 21:38:10 -0500
From: "Decker, Terry D." <TerryD at Health.State.OK.US>
Subject: RE: SC - Polenta

Fried Creamed Wheat

(Apicius 301, as taken from Giacosa, A Taste of Ancient Rome)

Aliter dulcia:  Accipies similam, coques in aqua calida ita ut  
pultem facias, deinde in patellam expandis.  Cum refrixerit, concidis  
dulcia et frigis in oleo optimo.  Levas, perfundis mel, piper aspergis  
inferes.  Melius feceris, si lac pro aqua miseris.

Another sweet dish:  Take flour, cook in hot water so that it becomes  
a very
firm polenta, then spread it on a plate.  When it has cooled, cut it  
as for
sweet cakes and fry in oil of the finest quality.  Remove, pour honey  
sprinkle with pepper and serve.  You will do even better if you use milk
instead of [water].  [corrected 12/05 – Stefan]


There are several other messages in there about fried polenta, but the  
only other recipe has eggs and cheese added to the grain. I do wonder  
if that is supposed to be "grain" instead of "flour" but I don't read  

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