[Sca-cooks] 17th century hot dog? (II)

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I shared this bit of history with my high school history students. You all have been elevated up the Coolness Factor ladder. They love the idea of eating history. They are still recovering from the fact that Mac and Cheese, pretzels and ice-cream can be dated to the Roman era and older. 


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(Second version; forgot "for not much money" in the translation; thanks Thorvald for yours)

Hier  wird um wenig geld 

ein gute Wurst gebraten, 

womit dem Hunger wird 

doch nicht dem durst geraten, 

den einer leschen Kan 

nach hertzens-wunsch dar auf 

an einem solchen Ort,

wo wein u(nd) bier zu Kauff.

Here, a decent saucage is roasted for not much money, with which hunger can be appeased but not thirst.

This (thirst) can be appeased later as much as someone wants in a place where wine and beer is sold.


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