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Actually, I remembered there had been some discussion of whether it 
was or wasn't Mughal but not the final conclusion, and was playing 
safe by including it. Brain cells misfiring due to age.

The obvious next question is whether whoever volunteered for Mughal 
Indian has sources other than the _Ain i Akbari_, or, alternatively, 
believes that the Ni'matnama is Mughal.

>You did that just to make me froth at the mouth and twitch, didn't you?
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>>I am so enthused!!  From a left handed sort of way.  Our group is
>hosting a
>>cooking collegium in April, and the overwhelming choice was middle
>>food.  For the past week the challenge has been narrowing the field of
>>study.  Most of the cooks who have volunteered favor Turkish, or Mughal
>Do they have Mughal sources other than the _Ain i Akbari_ and the The
>Ni'matnama Manuscript? I haven't tried working from the latter.
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