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Trying to get whale meat in the U.S. will be impossible to get. Tried it, even with my Systr-in law living in Iceland. Only a few countries actually still serve whale and even horse.
Jo's Icelandic Recipes have both modern and period recipes for Icelandic diets, including whale.  Binky whale has a very nice mild and gentle taste with the texture of Coby beef. 
Iceland is like a frozen time capsule for all things Viking, including the language. 
Whale recipe: http://icecook.blogspot.com/2006/08/how-to-cook-whale.html
Bless Bless
Aelina the Saami....still looking for a good Skyr recipe.


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Nanna mentions whale meat in her book
Icelandic Food & Cookery.

There really aren't any surviving early period Norse recipes of any sort.
The latest TI which arrived today talks about Norse foods.

There are traditional recipes for whale meat.

Apparently they also ate
whale meat during WWII in Britain and there were recipes created then because
no one knew what to do with it. Those might be findable.


On Jan 19, 2010, at 10:30 AM, Vandy J. Simpson wrote:

> Greetings.
> So tell me, does anyone have any favoured recipes for whale? I'm primarily interested in early period/Norse food, but realize that in that case I could probably just throw bits in kettle over the fire. I think I'd like to optimize this one time experience!
>  I understand there are probably some 'traditional' Norwegian recipes, but thus far I'm only finding vague hints.
>  Has anyone tried this already? Suggestions, clues, caveats?
>  Thanks, Mortraeth, Ealdormere / Vandy, Ontario, Canada
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