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I am working a different computer and the thumb drive that held that fun tidbit was damaged. But, here is a brief artcle I found regarding the first hints towards Mac and Cheese. It wasn't the traditional Mac and Cheese that Kraft perfected in 1937, but one similar. 
"Since the Kraft Company put it in a box in 1937 every American kid grew
up with macaroni and cheese. There can
be no doubt that its ultimate origins are Italian, as one finds macaroni and
cheese recipes from the late thirteenth century in southern Italy. The anonymous Liber de coquina,
written in Latin by someone familiar with the Neapolitan court then under the
sphere of Charles II of Anjou (1248-1309) has a recipe called de lasaniswhich we can call the first “macaroni and cheese” recipe. It was a macaroni, in this case, lasagne
sheets made from fermented dough and cut into two-inch squares that were cooked
in water and tossed with grated cheese, probably Parmesan. The author suggests using powdered spices and
layering the sheets of lasagne, just like today, with the cheese if desired."~http://www.cliffordawright.com/caw/food/entries/display.php/topic_id/16/id/105/

Umm... where did the Romans get the Mac? This one is new to me...


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