[Sca-cooks] Pennsic camp food

Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 20 07:23:43 PST 2010

I bought into a kitchen the last time I attended Pennsic.  It is a good idea if everybody who participates helps.  My 'help' schedule ended up being breakfast cleanup, which worked out fairly well for my other duties.  I was serving on retinue (pretty much everybody who attends from my kingdom ends up as de-facto retinue since we are a small kingdom).  Had I not bought into the kitchen I was prepared to make my own way as is my habit most major camping events I attend.  My diet at such events is actually pretty similar to what a solitary traveler to another land would have done; fruit, jerky, flatbread (made at home).  There is the occasional meal at the food court (tavern) or invite to dine with friends.


Sadly, the dairy that provided the Pennsic chocolate crack is no longer.  In order to get sufficient dairy in the diet several meals were .....   ICE CREAM!!!  Everyone who has ever constructed ice cream knows that ice-cream is milk and eggs and often includes fruit thus qualifies as breakfast.









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