[Sca-cooks] Pennsic camp food

Susan Lin susanrlin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 07:46:46 PST 2010

"Sadly, the dairy that provided the Pennsic chocolate crack is no longer.  "

Yeah - we got the story on that - if you want it contact me off list.

As I'm thinking I mentioned in a different post at Pennsic we do not have a
camp food plan - we did one year and it was great but the two guys who
organized it figured out it was a lot of work and we went back to the old
way of everyone fending for themselves but with everyone in camp incapable
of cooking only "enough" there are always leftovers to share.

When I lived in the East I would prep all my pizza fixings and bring them
and then middle Saturday (I arrive on Friday) would be pizza night - as most
people are showing up then and the rest of the camp has been there for a
week and really tired of peanuts, beef jerky and oreos for dinner.  Now that
we fly in pizza doesn't work so well but I have done it.  I've also baked
bread in the dutch ovens.  We can't bring all our kitchen gear but we have a
small stash that lives there and we borrow whatelse we need.

Husband and I do cook most nights but we don't take care to make things
period just yummy.

And of course there is FRY night!  That's where one of the other couples in
camp buys copious amounts of food, sets up two turkey friers and fries
EVERYTHING!  Yes, we mean EVERYTHING!  That includes M&Ms and Swedish Fish!
I don't know if I've ever gotten past the fried kielbasa (yum)  it goes on
for hours.

We could do more period food but I'd want to be driving so I could bring
what I needed from home and that's not happening any time soon.


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