[Sca-cooks] Unique tapas

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 21 13:28:28 PST 2010

Wow, challenging!  I am having some trouble thinking of something from 
the US that they would not have heard of in Chiapas, really.  My mother 
makes a good braised turkey breast with cranberry sauce mixed with onion 
soup mix, that sounds awful but it's very good and could be presented as 
Northeast US I suppose.  For tapas, use the meaty parts of the wing instead.

Well, what about Cariadoc's translation for "Hais" date balls?  Those 
are very yummy finger food.

Cheers and felicitations to the bride,

Suey wrote:
> A friend of my daughter's from NYC and I are the Chair ladies for 
> tapas committee the night before her wedding. We plan to have the 
> classical Spanish tortilla but are looking for yummy items people 
> might not know about. The wedding is in Chiapas, Mexico beside locals, 
> guests will be coming from all over the world like Russia, Spain, 
> Australia, England, Kenya, Chile, the US and who knows where else.
> Suey

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