[Sca-cooks] Unique tapas

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 16:22:22 PST 2010

Hay all your recipes are cool but Sharon is so right
> What kind of recipes are you looking for?  Things that can be
> prepared ahead of time? Finger food only or plate and fork?  How many
> people?
Yes anything ahead of time, finger food, no forks or plate. How many 
people? I wish she would tell me but I suppose 200.
> Are you looking for classic Spanish tapas or something else? As
> others said there are a number of period recipes that would suit this
> style of meal.
No original stuff.
> Have you seen _Tapas, the little Dishes of Spain_ by Penelope Casas,
> which has some lovely recipes.
Forget that wind bag. We know more than she does.
> Some of the things I've tried:  Grilled Tuna on dressed tomatoes,
> grilled salmon w asparagus, mussels in wine sauce, chickpeas in onion
> sauce, carrot salad, mushrooms in garlic sauce, shrimp in garlic
> sauce, cauliflower salad,
That is great!
> Also: eggs stuffed with shrimp, salmon trout in saffron sauce, fish
> in orange sauce, tuna balls in wine sauce, tiny meatballs in saffron
> sauce, meatballs in almond sauce, sausages in sweet and sour figs,
> marinated olives, manchego cheese with quince preserves, potato
> bravas, Ensaladilla rusa, snrimp in green mayonnaise, barcelona rice
> salad, eggplant salad, duck and ham pate, partridge and liver pate,
> pate with turkey breast, baked dried cod, smoked salmon pate, fish
> and vegetable salpicon, salpicon de mariscos, marinated squid,
> mussels escabeche, shrimp, melon and apple salad
> Banderillas  or pinchos or gildas - small skewers of tidbits of
> marinated fish, vegetables, olives and the like.  Canapes with
> various savory spreads on bread.  Empanadas or bite sized
> empanadillas filled with tuna, or chicken or spinach or spicy meat
> with raisins, spinach and pear in puff pastry, chorizo in puff
> pastry, scallop pie
> Asparagus with romesco sauce, red onion and orange salad, red peppers
> stuffed with tuna
> sliced serrano ham, anchovies in vinegar, sardine escabeche chorizo
> filled dates in bacon, marinated red peppers, grilled vetables,
> flavored almonds, various cheese and olives, good bread, melon or
> other fruit
> Let me know if you want recipes for any of these
> Ranvaig
That is so great. The boys won't cook dinner with all those suggestions!
Thank you so much,

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