[Sca-cooks] Unique tapa

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Fri Jan 22 12:55:38 PST 2010

I'm afraid that was me, not Susan

>Susan Lin  wrote:
>>>What kind of recipes are you looking for?  Things that can be prepared
>>>ahead of time? Finger food only or plate and fork?  How many people?
>     This is only tapa food before dinner. No plates or forks.

If it is appetizers then you don't need quite as much as if it was 
the whole meal.
Things like meatballs, chicken, seafood, potatoes, or mushrooms could 
be served with toothpicks or skewers.  Some salads too.  One of my 
Spanish cookbooks has fruit on a skewer, coated with meringue and 
browned with a torch.

>Yes, we are looking for things we can prepare ahead of time but then 
>e don't know where we find freezer space.

Will you have refrigerator space?  Or at least ice? Ovens?  A grill? 
How many people to cook or serve?  Serving dishes?
>     The classic Spanish tapas I know so tortilla will be served,

I've never been to Spain, so you probably know more than I do.

>We are thinking pinchos and would love to do empanadas but as San 
>Cris is very basic I doubt if we can get puff pastry, which I make 
>empanadas here frequently, they are good.

I've seen recipes for empanadas with rough puff pastry, which is 
easier to make than true puff pastry

>Also the wedding is May 1st when thinking about seasonal stuff. 
>Would melons be in season by then?

The online lists I checked say melon is in season in June, so perhaps 
not.  You probably have to ask locally what will be in season then.


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