[Sca-cooks] Unique tapas

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 14:15:33 PST 2010

Bare with me. My computer just died after more than 4 years of laptop 
service 16 hours a day and I am changing from Windows to Mac. Total I 
lost the latest SCA message so if anyone can send me a copy many 
thanks.We are holding mass on Tuesday for the old computer filled with 
cat hairs over my cat's stomach who cannot believe how hot it is here. 
He was born a year ago.
I saw that Sharon asked what we are thinking of.  Suzanne, co-chair with 
me from NYC. lives in MX part of the year. Daughter and groom are 
totally international as both have two different nationalities. He is 
half Mexican and half British. She is half American and half Spanish.
So what I am proposing to Suzanne is that, depending on the number of 
guests which we will not known until after the fact as SanCris is a 
pueblo, we break down into categories: seafood, meat, vegs/cold, room 
temp and hot. Then I am Mrs medieval. This history of Spanish cooking 
has different periods before America and so I present an Apicuis tappa, 
followed by an Hispano Arabic, a Catalan thing and finally tortilla with 
the American potatoes. Now as our children are marrying from people all 
over the earth perhaps Suzanne can create plates from four continents 
that represent our family.
Now San Cris is nothing land, so don't expect us to find melon, flaky 
pastry or pecans at the end of April.
San Cris is onions, tomatoes, cucumber and bread and some pork products 
but not serrano ham!

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