[Sca-cooks] Scully's Neapolitan Recipe Collection and some queries

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Fri Jan 22 17:52:45 PST 2010

Context would be useful -- For example, Flori has Barbaro as a woodpecker
(amongst other things), -- also spelling, barboro being a type of fish.. so
knowing the context might suggest whether this is reasonable.

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> I've been looking at Scully's _Neapolitan Recipe Collection_ in the hope
> of finding answers to a few of the puzzled Rebecca encountered in
> translating a different southern Italian cookbook, and a few points
> struck me.
> 1. He repeatedly refers to "squash." My guess is he means the white
> flowered gourd, which unlike squash is old world.
> 2. He refers to kidney beans, which as I understand it are new world.
> 3. He thinks eggplant was a new introduction to Italian cooking in the
> 15th century. But it's common in Islamic cooking at least by the 10th
> century, and between then and the 15th a good deal of southern Italy was
> under islamic rule for a substantial length of time.
> Some other points ...  . Scully's manuscript has a recipe for figatelli,
> which are used as an ingredient in the cookbook Rebecca is translating.
> It uses mesentary, which I gather is also used in classical french
> cuisine and called "the crow." Any idea whether a modern butcher could
> supply it or what he would call it?
> The following are terms which Rebecca isn't sure of the meaning of;
> suggestions invited:
> Apolinos
> Barbari (Barbaro, barbare)
> Battuto (need second meaning, other than beaten. Maybe batter?)Borvij
> Calcinelli (small shellfish. What kind?)
<http://www.operagastro.com/atlas/indici/dizionario.htm> says "wedge shells"

> Capricto
> Carus
> Cesame
> Civero
> Crepa
> Cumere
> Eucabam
> Locanica
> Lonche
> Moriada
> Mortimolo
> Mortia: Unknown. "Mortita" is "a kind of meat like jelly"
> Muliazeto
> Obitelli
> Odoricti (Odoritti)
> Ola: Unknown. Some kind of flour? Barley is Orzo. ***
> Pugne: Unknown. Probably plural of Pugna, but since Pugna means
> "fistfight"...
> Quillies: Unknown.
> Renfusa
> Scorza aromatica
> Vone

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