[Sca-cooks] Scully's Neapolitan Recipe Collection and some queries

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Fri Jan 22 19:14:22 PST 2010

> I've been looking at Scully's _Neapolitan Recipe Collection_ in the
> hope of finding answers to a few of the puzzled Rebecca encountered in 
> translating a different southern Italian cookbook, and a few points struck 
> me.
> 2. He refers to kidney beans, which as I understand it are new world.

The original term in the recipe is "fasoli" (IIRC) which is modernly 
translated as kidney beans, but includes members of genus Vigna, such as the 
cowpea or black-eyed pea that are of Old World origin.

> The following are terms which Rebecca isn't sure of the meaning of; 
> suggestions invited:
> Battuto (need second meaning, other than beaten. Maybe batter?)

Chopped herbs or vegetables, if used as a noun.

> Crepa

If used as a noun, it means "crack" as in fissure or break in a surface.  If 
used as a verb, it's related to "crepare" meaning "to die."

> Ola: Unknown. Some kind of flour? Barley is Orzo. ***

This doesn't match any grain name with which I am familiar.  Could it be a 
misspelling of "olio?"

> Pugne: Unknown. Probably plural of Pugna, but since Pugna means 
> "fistfight"...

Try "pugno" meaning "fist" or "hand" or "handfull."  "Pugne" looks to be a 
variant of "pugni," the plural of "pugno."

> Scorza aromatica

"peel aromatic"  I've seen the term used with stick cinnamon and croton 

> -- 
> David Friedman


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