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> I don't have a copy of any of the Apicius translations. 
>What was the  original recipe?

As I recall, Vehling used the (extremely helpful) word 
"melon".  Flowers and Rosenbaum (thanks, Aldyth!) say 
"long and round melons", and Grainger's  recipe recommends 
"sweet round melon such as Gaia, honeydew, etc."

So it came down to honeydew and canteloupe at the Walmart 
two days before, and the canteloupe was riper.  And 
cheaper. ;)
> What else did you have/serve for your Roman Meal entry. 
>Did you have  written documentation to go along with 
>this? I'm wondering if it would  make an interesting 
>article for the Florilegium.

I have actually done a lot more digging and experimenting 
as since then, I put in a Midwinter proposal for a 
Saturnalia Feast.   The other items were an assortment of 
olives (Whole Foods) with the melon salad as an appetizer. 
 The two flavors were great together.  Pork cooked with 
figs and honey, lentils with cardamon, and for dessert, 
fresh cheese with honey, pine nut stuffed dates and 
apricots (mixture of ground nuts with honey, salt and 
pepper), and pomegranate seeds.   It was well received.

I did have documentation, but it was not very longs. 
 Basics, really.  I was going for Domestic A and S 
Champion rather than overall, so I kept it basic.

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