[Sca-cooks] Unique tapas

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 10:49:57 PST 2010

Thank you all for such great comments to help with the cocktail the 
night before my daughter's edding. My co-captain and i will not have an 
estimate or numbers until March when the Spanish side of the family 
decides how many of them will come. If they come we will be 200 and if 
not less than 100.
Thanks to Kathleen's suggestion I think on my side we have the following;
Apicius: cucumber, honey, mint and an olive on a toothpick.
Hispano Arab: chicken and vegie kebabs and vegie kebabs.
Catalan: dates stuffed with chorizo & wrapped in bacon and dates stuffed 
with walnuts.
Hispano American: Spanish tortilla with potatoes and onion.
I think that gives me three plates for vegetarians, one dish that needs 
the stove and two plates needing a microwave. We want to keep out of the 
hair of the men who will be cooking the dinner.
My co-chairlady should be making up her theme with four plates. I think 
she has a lot of room as she has Mexican, Amcerican and English. Between 
the bride and the groom they have four passports: English, Mexican, 
Spanish and US.
Yes, we want to freeze all posible, which in my case are the kebabs. The 
dates can be prepared ahead of time and kept at room temperature and the 
tortilla the day before. On the day of the cucumber in the a.m. which 
should go in the frig.  or iced as someone suggested.
Anymore ideas are totally welcome! Y'all have such good ones.
Thanks so much,

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