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Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 25 05:56:03 PST 2010

actually when the word 'Pie' is uttered at my house it rarely means the 8 inch shell full of fruit or custard or both.  This used to happen on holidays at Grandma's house.


When you say the words 'meat pie' it means a 7 inch circle of crust something between pie crust and biscuit, heaped with a mixture of ground beef and finely chopped onion, garlic and celery plus any combination of leftover veggies from previous evening's meals, edges wetted slightly, folded over and baked.  If served at table it is offered with mushroom and onion sauce.  It can be, and often is, eaten out-of-hand eihter cold or warmed up, depending on the preference and state of hurry of the diner.

The only time one will see the little mini open top pie shapped shells filled with sweet is around the holidays.  Usual offereings include cheese tart topped with cherries (grahm cracker crust), pumpkin tart topped with cinnamon cream (shortbread cookie dough for crust), dutch apple tart (standard pie crust), custard tart topped with mixed berry compost (using brown sugar shortcrust), lemon curd tart (pie crust made with lemon juice for the liquid), etc ... you get the idea.  I make six to eight of each type of tart depending on the number of guests I expect and how many I want to have left over.  Usually during holidays, refrigeration is not a problem since Mother Nature provides quite well and all that is needed to take advantage of it is a clean plastic tote.




I do understand that the SCA may have invaded my food life somewhat.







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