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I have celiac disease and I have told that Spelt is not safe. Apparently, cracked or sprouted wheat and wheat grass is also unsafe. For celiac sufferers it has to do with the gluten protein within these grains. The body attacks the protein like a poison and as a result destroys the celia inside the intestine. I can't even where certain perfumes due to the alcohol contents.
Gluten Intolerance, Wheat allergies, and gluten allergies all vary from person to person. But, once it is at the celiac disease level the damage is done and there is no going back. 
I do have a gluten free sourdough bread recipe. 


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Ian Kusz wrote:
> Yeah, spelt contains gluten, but, apparently it's a different gluten.  Spelt
> is recommended for those with wheat allergies.

That rather depends on the nature of the allergy.  The one person I know who is allergic to wheat can't have it (others may be different).  Those with coeliac disease *certainly* can't have it. 

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