[Sca-cooks] Food Tech on History Channel

Barbara Dodge awench1 at cox.net
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Oh, and he also hosted "Door Knock Dinners" where he went with a camera crew
and a guest chef into people's homes.  The chef would then make a "gourmet"
dinner for the family out of whatever was in the homeowners fridge.

Now I'm going to go nuts until I remember this guy's name!  

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> There had been a show on a while back called "Follow 
>That Food" with a
> British host.  That was another informative program. 
> They would, for
> example, follow and egg from the point it was laid and 
>all of the processes
> from there until it reached someone's plate at a 
>restaurant in a soufflé.

that was a good one, and the host was incredibly energetic 
and enthusiastic.  i believe he was instrumental in 
founding the food network.


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