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Mon Jan 25 22:07:08 PST 2010

First, linguistically, spelt is not wheat, so if one doesn't know it is a 
type of wheat, one might think it is safe.

Second, there is the point that the peptides that form the gluten in spelt 
are different from the peptides that form the gluten in most other wheats. 
There are also variations between the peptides of various regional spelt 
populations.  These differences have given some the impression that spelt 
can be eaten by the gluten intolerant.

Third, gluten intolerance is highly variable with celiac disease being the 
only fully diagnosable form (IIRC).  There is no way as yet to determine how 
and to what degree any individual will have an antigliadin reaction.  But 
there is some research that suggests that any of the gliadin proteins will 
produce an antigliadin reaction, whether or not the individual notices it.


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> huh...so why did I hear something about spelt being good?
> On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 12:48 PM, H Westerlund-Davis 
> <yaini0625 at yahoo.com>wrote:
>> I have celiac disease and I have told that Spelt is not safe. Apparently,
>> cracked or sprouted wheat and wheat grass is also unsafe. For celiac
>> sufferers it has to do with the gluten protein within these grains. The 
>> body
>> attacks the protein like a poison and as a result destroys the celia 
>> inside
>> the intestine. I can't even where certain perfumes due to the alcohol
>> contents.
>> Gluten Intolerance, Wheat allergies, and gluten allergies all vary from
>> person to person. But, once it is at the celiac disease level the damage 
>> is
>> done and there is no going back.
>> I do have a gluten free sourdough bread recipe.
>> --
>> Ian of Oertha

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