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He's probably thinking of this quote:

"About three quarters after eleven, have your slice dried bread ready in a
dish, and pour a ladleful of the broth upon it. Let it stew covered upon a
Chafing-dish. When that is soaked in, put on more. So continue till it be
well *mittonée*, and the bread grown spungy, and like a gelly. Then fill up
the dish with broth, and put the Hen and Veal upon it, and cover them over
with herbs, and so serve it in."

On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 11:50 PM, Stefan li Rous <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
> wrote:

> Adamantius said:
> <<< The other question to be addressed is whether our target audience ate
> much toasted bread that wasn't sops, and whether this was considered
> healthy, or even if everybody concerned could chew it.
> I mean, the recipes from the sixteenth and seventeenth century that go into
> detail as to how sops are prepared and slowly moistened, seem to suggest
> that sops are pretty well puffed up and jellylike by the time they're
> served. You have to wonder whether this could be accomplished by the kind of
> over-reduced pottage being spoken of. >>>
> I have a small file on sops from previous discussions:
> sops-msg          (34K)  7/ 4/06  Slices of bread soaked in a sauce.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-BREADS/sops-msg.html
> Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any original recipes in there. What are
> some of the recipes you are referring to, Adamantius?
> The redactions I do have pretty much say to put the bread in the bottom of
> the bowl and pour the soup or the soup/wine mixture over it. I don't see
> time for it to get "well puffed up and jellylike". There is a quote from you
> (Adamantius) in the file of "I think the adjective we need for sops is
> "fluffy"..." but I don't seem to having anything about why you say this.
> There is also a comment in there that seems to talk about toasted bread
> being used this way as "sippets" rather than "sops".
> To me right now, the idea of pouring the soup or soup/wine combination over
> wonder-bread type bread sounds doughy and disgusting, but it you used a
> whole wheat or other bread it might not be too bad. But then I do have teeth
> or better than period replacements.
> Have folks served sops or sippets as part of feasts? How did it go over?
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