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emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Fri Jan 29 11:11:41 PST 2010


Theres a copy of Avicenna's Book of the Canon of medicine here, thanks
to the American University of Beiruit.


1593 Medici Press edition (yeah, those Medici). It has his formulary
in it - his list of drugs and preparations.

I suspect buru/coffee is in it, because for Rauwulf to be interested
in it's medical properties, then he had to get that from somewhere,
and the Canon of Medicine is, well, the Canon of Medicine (*).>>

In Italy, Germany, France ... it was the Latin translation of Avicenna which was used.

You might want to have a look at Nancy Siraisi's "Avicenna in Renaissance Italy", 1987.

Rauwolff saw coffee drinkers in Aleppo and reports what he saw there. He explicitly says that the plant they use is similar to Bunco Avicennae and Bunca Rhasis ad Almansorem etc.

Thanks for the link!



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