[Sca-cooks] coffee - the real reason for drinking it

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Fri Jan 29 14:16:45 PST 2010


Coffee that both keeps us Sober, or can make us so;
And let our Wives that hereafter shall presume to
Petition against it, be confined to lie alone all Night,
and in the Day time drink nothing but Bonny Clabber.
(Notes on the transcription: The Mens Answer to the Womens Petition against Coffee (London 1674) Digital version: Janet Clarkson (Australia), Thomas Gloning (Germany), 12-11-2005 — See Glossary and notes by Janet Clarkson.– (c) You may use this digital text for scholarly, private and non-profit purposes only)>>>

The link points to this site, where there are more coffee texts:




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