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Dame Selene said:

<<< So the feral table grapes are all over my parents' backyard again and
the bunches of grapes are forming.  Not very big and juicy since nobody
actually waters them on purpose, but the fruit is on the vine, about the
size and colour of petits pois. >>>

Okay, I guess this might be a good description for some, but not me. What
color is "petits pois"? I'm assuming some sort of green.

Green table grapes are green, but they are ripe, right? But they aren't the
purple of wine grapes. Are they imported or native to the New World? Are all
wine grapes reddish purple to purple when ripe?  The green table grapes
don't taste like they would be Concord grapes.


Table grapes can be both red and white/green. The green ones are definitely
ripe. As far as I  know almost all wine grapes are red. They are all
cultivars of the same species, just with differing amounts of sugars and so
on. I've never heard of Concord grapes. 
In the set of three links otsisto sent the first looks most like the grapes
that grow in my garden when they are immature. I have a red and a white vine
growing together and you cannot tell which bunches are which until they


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