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Fri Jul 2 05:23:47 PDT 2010

Chardonnay grapes aren't red.

http://www.concordgrape.org/ provides information on the Concord  
grapes where it says
"it was not until 1854 that the Concord variety made its debut,  
appropriately named after the Massachusetts village of Concord where  
the first of its variety was grown. The Concord grape is a robust and  
aromatic grape whose ancestors were wild native species found growing  
in the rugged New England soil.
TO JUICE: The first unfermented grape juice known to be processed in  
the United States was by a Vineland, New Jersey dentist, Dr. Thomas  
Welch in 1869. Dr. Welch, his wife and 17-year old son, Charles,  
gathered 40 pounds of Concord grapes from the trellis in front of  
their house. In their kitchen, they cooked the grapes for a few  
minutes, squeezed the juice out through cloth bags, and poured the  
world’s first processed fresh fruit juice into twelve quart bottles on  
the kitchen table..... Dr. Welch’s process was a success, and his  
application of Louis Pasteur’s theory of pasteurization to preserve  
fresh grape juice pioneered the industry of canned and bottled fruit  
juices in America. This first juice was used on the Communion table in  
the local Methodist church for sacramental purposes, and most of the  
first orders for grape juice came from churches for Communion.
In the century following the introduction of Concord grapes, more of  
these blue-black slip-skin grapes were sold than all other species  
combined. Today, growers harvest more than 336,000 tons in the U.S.  
Washington grows the largest number, followed by New York, Michigan,  
Pennsylvania, Ohio and Missouri.

See also http://www.welchs.com/


On Jul 2, 2010, at 8:12 AM, Claire Clarke wrote:
> Table grapes can be both red and white/green. The green ones are  
> definitely
> ripe. As far as I  know almost all wine grapes are red. They are all
> cultivars of the same species, just with differing amounts of sugars  
> and so
> on. I've never heard of Concord grapes.
> In the set of three links otsisto sent the first looks most like the  
> grapes
> that grow in my garden when they are immature. I have a red and a  
> white vine
> growing together and you cannot tell which bunches are which until  
> they
> ripen.
> Angharad

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