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Wild grapes are edible, they're very tart though. clear out that which is in
areas that you wish for other use and prune back that which you wish to
save. Most times if they are not fruiting you need to prune them almost
severely back. If the following year they do not produce, you either pruned
them to severely or the vine is just to old. You can to some extent treat
them like reg. grapes in their care.
I have two wild grapes, one was trying to engulf my house and though it
would be nice in the summer for the shade, the tendrils try to remove the
siding. :\
I have used the poison oak and ivy roundup, did good. as poison ivy was
trying to compete with the w. grapes in growth in other spots in the yard
and though I am not allergic to the poison ivy (but am to p.oak) and though
the P.I. is a good deterrent for kids trying to cut across my fenced in
backyard after school, once it has established it takes over and is much
harder to get rid of. Plus I mulch my grass clipping and if I get P.I. bits
in the bag it propagates and I don't like P.I. in my garden.
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there is a 'new' Roundup product that is designed for pest vines. I not only
have non-productive grape vines growing everywhere, but I also have the
biggest, healthiest Poison Ivy and Poison Oak that you have ever seen.
the product is on my shopping List for Lowe's this weekend. I am highly
sensitive to the Poison plants, so all I will need is a proper Haz-Mat suit
to dress up in, loppers and a bucket to dip the loppers in as I cut....

At least I think the Wild Grapes are non-productive. I have seen them bloom,
but no fruit. Birds-I do have lots of birds, squirrels, chipmunks, Opossums,
Raccoons, deer, and feral cats....


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