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There are a variety of wild grapes.
To name a few;
Vitis bicolor
Vitis labrusca (fox grapes)
Vitis aestivalis
Vitis cordifolia
Vitis cinerea var. Baileyana
Vitis riparia
Vitis rupestris

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There is a type of wild grape that is available in the mountains of
Virginia...and I'd assume probably North Carolina that is called a Fox
grape.  It's somewhat larger than the domesticated table grapes and wine
grapes.  It is a red grape with a slightly rusty appearance to the skin when
ripe.  My mother and father used to drive up to the Skyline Drive in the
Blue Ridge Mtns. and pick the grapes from the roadside.  Mama would then
make the most amazing grape juice from them...instead of being the more
purplish color that most grape juice is, this was a rich dark red in color.
I still remember the taste very fondly.  I wish I could get hold of some now
as that would probably make amazing sapa....


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