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Aelina asked about Compleat Anachronists:
<<< Anyone done one on bees? >>>

If there is a whole CA on them, it will likely be more comprehensive than what I have in the Florilegium, but you might be interested in glancing at these files in the ANIMALS section of the Florilegium:

bees-Markham-art (13K) 7/17/05 A translation by Baroness Morgan of Anglesey of the section on bees and beekeeping in one of Gervase Markham's books.

bees-msg (60K) 9/ 6/08 Period beekeeping.

Beekeeping-AS-art (20K) 1/ 2/09 "Beekeeping in Anglo-Saxon/Norman England" by Baroness Morgan of Anglesey.

On related subjects there are also:
beeswax-msg (12K) 9/12/01 Beeswax sources. Period uses of beeswax.
Workng-Beswax-art (6K) 1/23/09 "Working With Beeswax" by Master Bedwyr Danwyn.
honey-msg (22K) 10/10/08 Period use of honey. Honey sources.


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