[Sca-cooks] Kochbuch der Maria Stenglerin (Augsburg 1554)

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<<< A recipe for rose honey looks intriguing.  And I like the apothocary
section at the end from pages 33 - 40 with various flavored waters and

Katherine >>>

Rose honey? Is this honey from rose flowers/nectar? Or is this honey with additional material added to it? 

I'd love to see the original (and translated) recipes/commentary on this.

I've also just created this file for the Florilegium and any additional flowered waters would be of interest and I also have this one on flavored sugars.
flower-waters-msg (12K) 6/26/10 Period flower waters. Making them. Recipes.

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<<< I've had a note from Thomas Gloning that he has a new
German cookbook available as a .pdf on his website.

It's a 19th century reprint of a cookbook (or cookery mss.) dated 1554.

Das Kochbuch der Maria Stenglerin (Augsburg 1554) (PDF).

Johnnae >>>

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