[Sca-cooks] Rose Honey was: Kochbuch der Maria Stenglerin (Augsburg 1554)

wheezul at canby.com wheezul at canby.com
Fri Jul 2 22:54:09 PDT 2010

> Rose honey? Is this honey from rose flowers/nectar? Or is this honey with
> additional material added to it?
> I'd love to see the original (and translated) recipes/commentary on this.

Ain Rosen hunig zu machen
Item faims sauber, truck die rosen auss, vnd seud den
rosen safft in hunig, vnd thu frische rosenpleter in das glass,
geus das hunig warm darann lass anainand steen.

A Rose honey to make
Item skim clean, press the roses out, and boil the
rose juice in honey, and put fresh rose petals in the glass,
pour the honey warm thereon let [it] stand together.

So far I think it means to skim the honey clean, crush rose petals for the
juice and boil it with honey.  Pour warm honey over rose petals in a glass
and let the flavors mix with sitting.

Thank you for the links and florilegium topics.  I tried some violet sugar
this Spring from a recipe.  I'll see if I can dig that out.


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