[Sca-cooks] Kochbuch der Maria Stenglerin (Augsburg 1554)

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> <<< A recipe for rose honey looks intriguing.  And I like the apothocary
> section at the end from pages 33 - 40 with various flavored waters and
> sugars.
> Katherine >>>

A few more intriguing things:

Gluten free rice almond egg cakes made like "farmer's cakelets" [pauren

A recipe for spritz that specifies the use of a beitel thuch [beutel tuch]
or a pursed bag.  In my mind I have been wondering how they might have
formed the spritz.  Some recipes say to put the dough, unhelpfully, into
the spritz without telling you what it might be.  I can almost picture
forcing a tube of spritz out of an almost closed drawstring bag.  The
other option I thought of was cutting a hole in the corner like we do for
plastic bags now, but that seems contrary to a medieval ethic somehow. 
Anyone have any insight?  I might try and experiment (bwahahahaha)

2 recipes for wurst called 'figitella'.  Is there an Italian recipe for
that?  It makes sense that Augsburg had Italian influence given the power
of the Fugger trading family and their connections in Italy.

A preservation method for sour cherries by dipping the stem in wax and
drying them in lime (I think) and then hanging them up in bunches.

Herbal water for brushing oily (waxy) hair.

A nuance of the word safft, which I might translate merely as 'juice'  is
explained by some recipes that clearly make a syrup/preserve by addind
sugar and boiling with an end product that is "dick wuert wie hunig" [be
thick like honey].

How to clarify butter in the sun for 30 days - called 'kreitz butter'.

A reduced lemon juice syrup (another safft).

A 2nd rosehoney recipe.

A recipe for St. John's wort oil with an explanation of how to seal a pot
with a lid using a seal made with an egg white dough.  It sort of reminded
me of how hard royal icing can be, so perhaps this was effective.  I also
wonder if one was using pottery pots glazed on the inside if you could
seal them while still hot, would they create a vacuum seal?

Katherine the daydreamer

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