[Sca-cooks] [battlemoor_autocrat] Results of Siege Cooking Competition at Battlemoor and thanks

Cat . tgrcat2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 8 09:24:54 PDT 2010

It was amazing to see (and taste!) the many wonderful things everyone made, 
especially with the challenges of the windy weather the night before.

Cailte, please do remind me who made the dessert of the sliced cooked apples, 
with bits of fig and ginger and those nummy toasted almonds...

Gwen Cat
wanting just a bit more of that right now ;-)

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>Subject: [battlemoor_autocrat] Results of Siege Cooking Competition at 
>Battlemoor and thanks
>Sorry this is a bit late getting out, but I have finally 
>shuffled through the laundry to the paperwork.
>First I would like to thank our wonderful judges for 
>donating nearly three hours of their day (some pulled from 
>the melee field)to this effort: Mistress Monika von Zell 
>and Mistress Gwen-Cat von Berlin (both cooks of great 
>reknown, as well as their other many talents), HE Bjarki 
>and Master James David (both eaters of great reknown, as 
>well as their fighting and cooking skills). 
>Yourencouraging comments, good humor and delight in the 
>dishes put before you made this a wonderful experience.
>Second, a huge thank you to my intrepid assistant, Lord 
>Tyron, who assisted in hauling and toting, filling bags, 
>wrangling teams and tables. You made life very easy for 
>Next, to the teams...
>The Worchestershire Wenches (Caerthe) Marie, Magge, 
>Rowena, Adriana
>The Flaming Fontaine Ladies (Fontaine dans Sable) 
>Alamanda, Angelina, Ana Kathryn, Emily, Alena
>La Clairiete de le Nymphe (al-Barran) Bronwen, 
>Solvieg, WIllough, Jen
>Blaiddwyn Fireflies (College of Blaiddwyn) Rab, Sile, 
>Joey, Shaun, Amber
>The winners were: The Worchestershire Wenches
>The Flaming Fontaine Ladies and La Clairiete de le Nymphe 
>were tied for second place
>The Blaiddwyn Fireflies came in a very respectable third.
>A mere two or three points seperated the teams. The teams 
>knew the scenario beforehand, AND about 80 percent of 
>their food items. There were several 'surprise' items 
>received that morning. Three of the teams were new to 
>siege cooking and said this was one of the reasons they 
>signed up. They didn't feel totally in the dark about 
>what was coming at them.
>The teams were given the usual staples of chicken, beef, 
>eggs, butter, bacon, olive oil, vinegar, onions, carrots, 
>garlic, split peas or lentils, apples, lemon, flour, steel 
>cut oats, flax seed, salt, pepper, cone sugar, thyme, 
>marjoram, cinnamon sticks, mustard seed and could bring 
>one liquid dairy item of their choice (milk, cream, 
>The surprise items were pig feet (cut up), turnips, 
>candied ginger, dried figs/dates/apricots, dried orange
>peel, beer and each team had one spice and one herb that 
>no one else had. Mistress Monika donated the turnips from 
>her garden.
>The highlights were a fruited dessert bread, lentil soup 
>with turnips, herbed cheese made onsite, grainy mustard, 
>butter made onsite, chicken pottage, beef roulade, herbed 
>A good time had by all, and great food. Very happy judges 
>and coordinator waddled down the road (no doubt in search 
>of a nap!)
>Thanks to all who made it possible. And a last thanks to 
>husband Connor who put up with me chirping about this for 
>months, and stood patiently by at Whole Paycheck while I 
>bought a LOT of tiny amounts of things while giggling 
>I had a ball!
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>sustained him through temporary periods of joy."
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