[Sca-cooks] Results of Siege Cooking Competition at Battlemoor and thanks

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  Susan Lin <susanrlin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Was there a winner or a ranking?  I confess I do not 
>recall all the rules.
> Sounds like it was a wonderful time.

> The winners were: The Worchestershire Wenches
> The Flaming Fontaine Ladies and La Clairiete de le Nymphe were tied for
> second place
> The Blaiddwyn Fireflies came in a very respectable third.

Simple rules... cook what you got. ;)  The ingenuity and 
inventiveness were great, and the pig feet really stumped 
the cooks.  Most used it for broth for their legumes. 
 Blaiddwyn made a try at a gelatin (Some kind of brawn i 
assume, or pickled pig feet) but it wouldn't set, so they 
used it... in the legumes!  each team got the equivalent 
of one trotter.


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