[Sca-cooks] Malvasia (Malmsey) and Rheinfal

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<<< Unfortunately no one has done a CA on wine...if anyone would like to, I'd
certainly consider publishing it!!  And it's a great topic.  Maybe Stefan
has something in his "Flory-thingey."

Kiri (and in her alternate life, editor of CA) >>>

There are many, many books on wine. The thought of trying to do a Compleat Anachronist on the subject is staggering.

And CAs tend to be much more complete than what I have in the Florilegium, except for copies of at least one CA. :-)

Here is what I do have in the Florilegium. Most of what I have on the types of wine is in the wine-msg file but it is hardly comprehensive, but hopefully it does give some ideas about wines and how they were thought of. These are in the BEVERAGES section.

Eiswein-msg (11K) 10/ 1/04 Wine made from grapes left on the vine until after the first frost.
Okay, more on modern than period usage, but this list was the first I ever heard of this, so I thought some folks might be interested.

fruit-wines-msg (26K) 12/10/09 Non-grape fruit wines.

wine-msg (143K) 12/10/09 Medieval wines.

Vintng-Harvst-art (24K) 4/ 5/09 "A Vineyard Experiment" by Baron Damon Hroarsson.

Vintng-Tools-art (10K) 4/20/09 "A Vineyard Experiment - Appendix 1: A closer look at some period tools of the trade" by Baron Damon Hroarsson.

Vintng-Proces-art (30K) 4/12/09 "A Vineyard Experiment - Appendix 2: Winemaking, a personal experience." by Baron Damon Hroarsson.

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