[Sca-cooks] whisks

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Jul 13 13:31:07 PDT 2010

You're right.
I had written down that it was after his death, but today on checking   
I am finding a date of 1613.
Wait I am also finding a date of 1616 for his death.
I wonder now if I came across a circa 1600 date for his death???
(The question would be why the lag between being written and being  
Worldcat doesn't include dates for him. Neither does this new  

Something to check out.


On Jul 13, 2010, at 3:28 PM, James Prescott wrote:

> The license dated 26 of February, 1604 gives Lancelot de Casteau the
> right to publish his book, which would be rather unusual if he were  
> dead.
> Thorvald

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