[Sca-cooks] Sca-cooks Suey's Medieval Feast

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 14:09:27 PDT 2010

I have made the following changes, what do you think?
white  blancmanage  chicken  Nola Catalan
brown eggplant  N/A Sent Sovi Jewish
yellow ginistrada (broom pottage) N/A Sent Sovi Catalan
green tafaya fish  Hispano Arab ref - to be found Hispano Arab
white tafaya lamb Fadalat Hispano Arab
brown almendroch partridge Lladonosa Hispano  Arab
yellow Janete goat Nola Catalan
green Sosenga rabbit Sent Sovi Catalan
The eggplant would be an entremes on a plate for 4 persons. The other 
dishes would be small earthenware soup  bowls, not the regular size. All 
would be arranged according to color. The first dish would be placed in 
front of each guest and the others could be gradually put on the table 
and arranged as above by color.
I have left out Jusello and Bruecatel. Is that a no, no?
I am going to put in a Merricote or Herricote in the second course.
I am still wide open to suggestions and corrections. I am putting quite 
a load on the kitchens and looking at this I think I mean plural. - 
Lucky this feast is a fantasy! and as it is, it stands to be corrected.

On 7/14/10 3:06 PM, Sueywrote:
> I previously wrote that I am trying to compose this in accordance with
> Zirab's instructions. The first course should consist of blancmanage,
> pottages, spoon food. Temorarily I propose:
> *Blancmange*
> *Eggplant*
> *White Tafaya*
> *Asparagus*
> *Green Tafaya*
> *Ginestrada*
> *Sosenga de conilis*
> *Almendroch
> *
> but I find perhaps I should change some of these dishes to:
> Janete
> Merritoche, Herricote and all the -coques
> Jusello
> Bruecatel
> ???

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