[Sca-cooks] OP silicone molds

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Fri Jul 16 18:53:13 PDT 2010

The molds are Dolce stampo by Paderno
I can pick words out but it looks like I might need to use Babelfish.
"Dolce stampo e un prodotto (product) alimentare garantito (guarantee or
guaranteed?)conforme (conform)....
Attenzione non Utilizzare Mai (Attention "do not use"?)
* coltelli ooggetti appuntiti con lo stamp (mould)
* detergenti a spugne abrasive; (detergent [or?] sponge abrasive [abrasive
*fonti dirette di calore.... I think this means no direct heat source.

Ah! The baba mould has the English translation on the packaging. :)

Roughly says that because of the high polished finish there is no need for
oiling and flour.
They are quite rubberly so yes a tray is needed for support when in use.
Nothing about seasoning it.

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some have to be "seasoned" to some degree.  Didn't they come with
instructions?  I have some inexpensive molds that say to lightly grease so
things don't stick.  Also, you'll need to put them on some sort of pan to
get them in and out of the oven (or fridge) unless they come with stands.


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