[Sca-cooks] Graters?

Louise Smithson helewyse at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 17 05:09:39 PDT 2010

Scappi has a picture of a nutmeg grater.  The link below should link directly to 

the page in question.  If not it is one of the image pages with a large cauldron 

at the top being lifted with a lever.

Instrumento per levar ogni gran caldaro dal fuoco - instrument for lifting any 
large cauldron from the fire. 
Sperone da pasticiciero - pastry spur (pastry wheel)
coltel da pasticier - pastry knife
rasciatore da banco - table scraper
armiiola da raschiare - ?weapon? for scraping
grata noci moschiate - nutmeg grater
grata zuccaro - sugar grater
setacci doppio per speciare et zuccaro - double hair sieve for spices and sugar. 



"I would be interested to discover what they used in period to grate
nutmegs...it would be extremely difficult to reduce a nutmeg to powder
using a mortar and pestle."


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