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Have you discussed the origins of bananas? I was under the impression that bananas or platains were New World or Malaysian in origins.

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<<< Are we talking eating bananas or plantains? >>>

A good question.

Right now, I'm assuming the translation is appropriate since we don't have the original untranslated recipe, and even if we did, I can't read it. But if we're going to question the translation then I'd also want to check out that "drenched" verbage.

Be aware though, that the commercially available banana is only one of a huge multitude of different bananas. Many varieties are local and don't move far from where they grow.  Which again, would be even more so in period. Which is one reason that I have asked where and when this cookbook is from.

Many bananas are not naturally sweet. In fact, it may be a combination of taste, sweetness, transportability and other factors which have determined why we only have one or two varieties of banana in large, commercial production.

When I find that banana book of mine, I can hopefully give a better answer to the variety of bananas and some opposing points to Bear's comments. Unless of course, I'm mis-remembering some of the comments on the Cavenbush(sp) and the Gros Micheal.

Is sugar commonly added to "banana pudding"? That is the closest, modern, well-known dish I can think of that uses bananas.


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