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Angharad wrote, re Judhaba of bananas by Ibn al Mahdi:
>Hmmm, I don't like bananas but I can still see that would be kind of tasty.
>How necessary is the chicken? I mean could you get satisfactory results by
>basting by warm oil or butter?

The chicken hanging as it roasts over the platter of something sweet, 
into which the chicken juices drip, is essential to any Judhaba. 
Without it, it isn't really judhaba. There are quite a few other 
judhaba recipes, all involving a chicken hanging roasting over a tray 
of something sweet, Lauzinaj (crushed and sweetened almonds wrapped 
in pastry) for example.

Then the chicken and the sweet are eaten together.

Charles Perry has an amusing essay about this in Medieval Arabic Cookery.
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