[Sca-cooks] Food identity search

wheezul at canby.com wheezul at canby.com
Thu Jul 22 13:44:30 PDT 2010

>>I don't have all the illustrations done yet, but if you want to see my
>>first draft tries at identification and give me some feedback, it would
>> be
>>most welcome.  The images are in my live journal scrapbook here:
> Thanks for sharing this, its fascinating. I need to spend some time
> with it, but I noticed these:
>    Kuemmel is caraway, but Feldtkuemmel is Thyme.
>    Milez (Miltz) is spleen (not just Organs)
> Ranvaig

I started to go with spleen but the second definition of miltz also means
just general organs.  Having no idea what a spleen looks like...  I could
use some google-fu!  Thanks for the input :) :) :)


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