[Sca-cooks] ot Jealous Cat

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 14:57:19 PDT 2010

Harry Billing wrote:
> you can not hurry up the process cats make "peace" on their own terms
     Thank you so much Harry and others who have written privately.
     This morning Lucca decided he wanted breakfast one hour earlier 
than normal, not one hour later as it is Sunday. We ignored him which 
drove him crazy. Baby purred away and slept all he could in spite of 
Lucca's noise. Finally Baby decided to take matters into his own paws 
and everytime big boy hissed, he dodged him. Lucca is terrified. Neither 
cat is a fighter. Lucca has never bitten or scratched us and Baby thinks 
life is purring 24 hours a day, so as with his vaccination, he purred 
all the time he dogded Lucca, which drove him crazy :-D !
      This afternoon Baby and Lucca slept at opposite ends of the dining 
room table overlooking the Andes mountains as if this is part of normal 
     Someone wrote that she had a disfunctional kindergarden with her 
cats. All my off spring seem to be quakers! My son jumped on his friends 
backs screaming don't fight when they were 6 or so. . .
   One never knows but at this rate soon we will have a good Meeting.
     Will keep you posted

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