[Sca-cooks] Medieval or Renaissance Crab Recipes

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Mon Jul 26 12:10:36 PDT 2010

I went and read through my collection of 16th century German recipes and
the one I liked the best sounded like a crayfish quiche from
Kuchenmaysterey (1529).  I'm a total sucker for cheesey goodness.  It
isn't exactly crab, but Rontzier kind of list crabs and crayfish together
and there are similar preparations.  What I like about the recipe is that
it allows for interpretation in spicing by the cook.

Basically - torte crust, beaten eggs and grated cheese (or grated
lebkuchen) as filling which can be thinned with cream, then spiced,
salted, and saffron and parsley added.  Also one can use sage, "boley" or
other good herbs "ist alles gut" and then the crayfish.  Unfortunately it
doesn't say if you are to shell the crayfish, but it is in the midst of
several recipes and follows the one for the pastry where specific
instructions are given.

It's number 13 in chapter 1.  There are several intriguing stuffed recipes


> I won 20 pounds of crab in an auction and I am going to cook it for Sept.
> Crown.
> Anyone have suggestions for recipes to try?
> Eduardo

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