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David Walddon david at vastrepast.com
Mon Jul 26 06:50:24 PDT 2010

The one of the water marks on the paper from the Neapolitan Collection
(which I usually refer to as Buhler 19) seems to indicate that this specific
manuscript can NOT be from a time earlier than the 1490's. IIRC the
watermark did not exist until 1493 or there abouts.

Scully seems to be referring to when the core manuscript might have been
written rather than when that specific manuscript was written.

This claim also supports his theory that the Neapolitan collection is the
source manuscript and Martino (and then Platina) were the copiers. So far I
have seen little evidence to support this theory.


On 7/26/10 5:07 AM, "Johnna Holloway" <johnnae at mac.com> wrote:

> Those posts were dated before the (February 8, 2000) publication of
> the text by the University of Michigan Press. There's no reason to
> turn to Parzen when one can simply look at page 12 of
> The Neapolitan Recipe Collection Cuoco Napoletano, edited by Terence
> Scully
> and read that "The script of the codex relates it roughly to the
> middle or second
> half of the fifteenth century."
> The book remains in print and can be purchased from the press directly
> for $75.00.
> I am sure that Devra also carries copies or can obtain one for those
> that do not own it.
> Johnnae
> On Jul 26, 2010, at 7:40 AM, Claire Clarke wrote:
>> Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 12:24:44 -0800
>> From: "James L. Matterer" <jlmatterer at labyrinth.net>
>> Subject: Re: SC - Toasting salamander.
>> A quick glance through Scully didn't reveal a date for the Neapolitan
>> Collection, but it appears to be late Medieval Italian. Perhaps
>> someone
>> else could help in dating this MS?
>> Huen
>> ==========
>> Jeremy Parzen, who includes the Neapolitan Collection in with a
>> translation
>> of other manuscripts associated with Maestro Martino da Como, states
>> that it
>> probably dates from somewhere between 1470 and 1527.
>> Angharad
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