[Sca-cooks] cuskynoles

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Fri Jul 30 17:44:36 PDT 2010

David wrote:

<< This has been one of my standards for many, many years--one of the 
things I offer my guests at the bardic circle. You can find my 
redaction in the Miscellany. There is a more detailed recipe for a 
variant in al-Warraq's 10th century cookbook; for the most part it 
confirms the guesses I had to make. >>

David, do you mean, you knew it all before ...? Oh my goood ... Why didn't you 
tell us??

Please allow for a few questions.

1. What do you mean by "This"? 
Which recipe? Which interpretation? Which kind of background information?

2. When exactly did you get aware of a translation of al-Warraq?

3. Could you please provide the recipe from al-Warraq?




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