[Sca-cooks] white sausage kebabs

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 12:15:47 PDT 2010

Stefan wrote:
> Suey commented:
> <<<  Out of 50, we had one, ONE "vegetarian," a Jew who
> loves pork. Had we known her tastes we would have prepared twice as many
> white sausage kebabs!!!>>>
> Is a "white sausage" one that tends to be filled with vegetarian stuffing? Or does it mean one filled with lighter colored meats such as chicken?
> Did you buy or make this white sausage? And especially if the later, what is your recipe or what went into these?  When you turn these into kebabs do you use different vegetables or other items besides the sausages, than you would if you made these with a more "standard" sausage?
> Thanks,
>    Stefan
It seems that in Latin America white sausage may be made with chicken 
and other meats. I refer to Spanish sausage such as longoniza or 
buttifarra which contain pork loin and fat. They are seasoned with 
peppers but not with paprika which makes chorizo so red. As far as my 
comment is concerned, the white sausage the Jew loves is the real McCoy, 
not a vegetarian version!

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