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I am coming to the An Tir West War - you got it backwards Juana! :)
Can't wait to see you and have fun at the play date!

David/ Eduardo 

On 6/3/10 3:23 PM, "Donna Green" <donnaegreen at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Thanks for that info on goat milk. I've been experimenting with aged cheese
> and one of the cheese-making books I read said that goat milk didn't separate.
> But, you have practical experience with the raw stuff, so thanks. Living in an
> urban setting, I'm limited to milk from the store for my cheese, so I just
> have pastuerized and raw cow milk and pasteurized goat milk.
> Will you be coming to the Cooks' Playdate at West An Tir War over the 4th of
> July?
> Juana Isabella
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>> Greetings,
>> In real life, I own a small, private, goat dairy.  I
>> make cheese, 
>> butter, yogurt and more from the milk.
>> Goat milk does separate, it just takes longer.  I let
>> it sit on the 
>> counter, at room temp (in western WA state, so we are
>> talking anywhere
>> from 60-70 F), for a day or two and skim off the risen
>> cream.  There is
>> still plenty of cream left in the milk to make a semi-skim
>> cheese.  
>> Some people let the milk sit in their refrigerator, which
>> is safer in 
>> warm climates.  I don't bother, because I use raw milk
>> and while it's 
>> sitting on the countertop it's culturing for both the
>> butter and the 
>> cheese. 
>> Goat milk also separates easily with a standard cream
>> separator.   I 
>> just haven't bought one yet.
>> Aelianora
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